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Do you have Portuguese family relatives?

Here you can obtain information on how to obtain you Portuguese passport through Portuguese family relatives



With a Portuguese Passport you are able to enter 187 different countries without a travel visa, and have the right to live and work in the remaining 26 EU member states.


Portugal has one of the most favourable nationality laws in the European Union. For instance you may eligible if: 

  • You were born in Portugal

  • You have Portuguese parents or grandparents

  • You are married to a Portuguese citizen

  • You have been legally residing in Portugal for at least 5 years

  • You are a descendent of the Jewish Sephardic community

Whilst you may meet the conditions to acquire the Portuguese Nationality, this can be a complicated and lengthy process. As such, our team will secure all the necessary documentation and liaise with the Immigration and Justice authorities to handle the case on your behalf.

Nationality Process


Revisão de documentos

 Nesta fase analisaremos todos os documentos e informações que nos enviem do interessado e dos familiares. Efetuamos consulta de dados nos registos oficiais, se necessário. Por fim, emitiremos o parecer se o caso é viável ou não.



Caso o parecer seja positivo enviaremos uma proposta dos honorários e custo das taxas oficiais

Caso o seu caso seja simples e ja tenha evidencias que pode fazer a nacionalidade podemos enviar proposta sem consulta.


Inicio do processo

Após a adjudicação da proposta enviada na fase 2, a equipa legal disponibilizará a lista dos documentos para a submissão da nacionalidade

Please get in touch with our team

Please tell us more information about your case and your Portuguese family relatives so we can advice the best suitable option.


Obrigado pelo envio!


We have created this payment process to facilitate international payments for our clients. Please contact our team before you make a payment for us to give you the correct option for your case. If you are a Brazilian client we have other payment options please contact our team.  Most of our clients from Africa and the EUA prefer to pay online through our website but we can offer other payment methods. 

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We don’t have any products to show right now.

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