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Temos uma equipa de consultores prontos para apoiá-lo em todas as etapas.

O nosso trabalho é orientado por quatro valores principais

· Inovação ·

· Excelência ·

· Personalização ·

· Privacidade ·


Antonio CRUZ


With a degree in Mechanical Engineering from FEUP (University of Porto) and an MBA in New York, António founded XC Consultores in 1996. The firm initially specialized in industrial consulting and in 2005, expanded to the Brazilian and broader South American market. To make use of his global network, he founded XC Business Brokers in 2015. As such, the Investment Boutique has launched several initiatives such as the Investor's Club Portugal which make use of such contacts.

A nossa equipa dedica-se a simplificar o processo de investimento dos nossos investidores

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